Programs and Editors
Triton Sound Editor by Peter Voise

Note: This is Sponsorware - Whoever finds it useful, can show his good will, and
appreciation and send some money.

This program uses TSF files - Triton Sound Format files - a filetype special for this program. The program comes with File, Edit, Randomize and Clean Up Sound functions that I hope will ease, make soundediting more innovative and fun. There are some things you should know when using this program. 1. The Korg Triton must be in edit mode when editing the sounds. 2. The Program doesn't save knob positions, so to find the optimal sounding, you sometimes have to manipulate these. Well the rest you can read in the Help document. Oh, of course a smaller trouble fore some - it is programmed and optimized for 600*800 resolution - but works with higher (it can be a bit hard to read though). So download and have fun!

Download main program: TSE.EXE
Download files loadable in TSE: CCExtraTSF.zip

PCG edit by Peter Voise, download
PCGtool and PCGreport
by Daz Richards, website
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Alchemist (Trinity 2 Triton coverter), website
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Synth Manipulator (arp editor), website
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A group of Triton application developers has born, if you want to join them or need information, check out the group, website